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FAQ: Cygna Labs To Acquire Nokia’s DDI Business VitalQIP

What did Cygna Labs and Nokia announce today?

On February 17th, 2023, Cygna Labs entered into an agreement to acquire the Nokia VitalQIP business. This includes not just the VitalQIP product portfolio but all related intellectual property and customer contracts as well as the entire VitalQIP team that has previously worked on these products.

Why did Cygna Labs acquire Nokia’s DDI business?

We have experienced rapid growth in the last two years and were already the third-largest DDI provider before this transaction (see IDC report here). Given the long-standing ties with Nokia and the VitalQIP products, this acquisition enhanced our already significant roster of Fortune 100 clients considerably and made us the second-largest DDI vendor by market share.

When do you expect this deal to close?

The deal is expected to close at the end of Q1 2023, subject to customary closing conditions.

How will this transaction impact VitalQIP customers?

As the number two DDI vendor in the world, we will provide deep expertise, innovation, and support for your future business. Customers will receive extensive ongoing maintenance and support services, including global 24x7 support, as well as our expertise and product innovation through increased R&D.

What does this mean for current VitalQIP maintenance contracts and Helpdesk services with Nokia?

Helpdesk services and maintenance contracts with Nokia will continue with Cygna Labs uninterrupted during the transition. When everything is in place, the support systems will be integrated into Cygna Labs with new phone numbers and email addresses, but your VitalQIP engineering team will remain the same.

Will VitalQIP be merged with other products in the Cygna Labs product portfolio?

No, the VitalQIP products will remain a standalone product line, and we plan to increase investment into research and development to enhance the VitalQIP offering further. Additionally, the VitalQIP products have already been incorporated into Cygna Labs’ portfolio of managed service offerings.

Will someone from Cygna Labs be reaching out to customers and partners?

The account team, along with the new Cygna Labs contact for each account, will be reaching out to customers and partners in the days immediately following the signed agreement. This will happen within 1-2 days of the signing of the agreement.

What do I need to do now?

Perpetually licensed products will continue to operate and will be supported by Cygna Labs or the existing, trusted VitalQIP partner you have previously worked with. For product support and purchase options questions, contact us directly at or through an existing VitalQIP partner.

What if I don’t do anything?

VitalQIP licenses are perpetual, and existing environments will continue to operate as usual. However, we recommend that you reach out to your partner or us for more details.

Whom do I contact with questions?

If you currently work with a VitalQIP reseller, please get in touch with your existing sales representative. For customers with direct Nokia contracts, please use or call our VitalQIP info-line at +1 (305) 930-7806 to address any questions you may have.

Will Cygna Labs offer other platforms where I can get more information?

Yes, we will offer webinars addressing this transition's most common questions and the VitalQIP product outlook. The webinar dates will be published on our events page.