The Cygna Auditor Platform

A comprehensive, integrated system that monitors and protects the data in your Microsoft infrastructure no matter how large or small.

Many Capabilities. One Platform.

Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Unlike other solutions, the Cygna Auditor platform was designed from the start to have all product modules integrated into one package. As a result, they work seamlessly together.

Ransomware and rogue administrator protection

Ransomware and rogue administrator protection

Cygna Auditor detects and alerts on unusual, mass file updates, such as a ransomware virus encrypting every file on a file server or a rogue administrator deleting folders.

Zero Impact Monitoring

Zero Impact Monitoring

Cygna Auditor is designed to be easy to install, with a minimum server footprint. It requires no agents, thus minimizing complexity and keeping the attack surface on your monitored servers to a minimum.

Quickly Find What You Need

Natural Language Search

With Cygna Auditor’s natural language search, finding exactly what you need in audit activity is easy and doesn’t require any complicated search syntax. Just enter what you’re looking for: “Show me everything John Doe has done.”

See all Changes Made

Cygna Auditor for Active Directory allows you to see all the changes made to this critical service, and to be able to roll back these changes to undo any accidental or malicious actions.

Who, What, When and Where Auditing

Cygna Auditor allows you to answer the audit questions of who, what, when, and where for all the places you can store data in the Microsoft ecosystem: file server, database, directory, or cloud.

Turn Compliance Worries Into Checkboxes

Satisfy Regulatory Standards

To satisfy regulatory standards, you must have visibility into everything your monitored system can do. Cygna Auditor can collect every event the most common regulatory standards require.

Satisfy Customers

Even if your organization isn’t in a regulated industry, your customers may look for you to meet standards. Cygna Auditor can quickly product audit reports to satisfy these compliance requests.

GDPR Compliance

In 2018, any organization that holds data of EU citizens must meet the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard. Cygna Auditor will help you support this standard with deep visibility into your environment.

Industries Have Specialized Needs

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations have been hit especially hard by ransomware because lives may depend upon availability of their IT systems and data. Cygna Auditor can alert healthcare admins of ransomware attack to limit the damage they cause.

Financial Services Industry

Systems in financial service companies require very high availability, but unplanned configuration changes can cause outages that affects availability and service level agreements. Use Cygna Auditor to detect and alert on changes to a baseline configuration.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions are prime targets for student data intrusions. Cygna Auditor allows you to create custom alerts to warn of unauthorized data changes (such as class file updates by anyone other than the instructor).

Take Control of Your Systems Today

Take the first step towards insight, alerts, and compliance on your Microsoft data. Learn more by downloading a Cygna Auditor datasheet.

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Cygna Auditor Platform

Cygna Auditor is a comprehensive, integrated auditing, alerting, and reporting platform that provides your organization insight into its Microsoft infrastructure.

Click on any of the above modules to learn more about how Cygna Auditor can protect you against unauthorized changes to your Microsoft infrastructure.

Deploy Cygna Auditor Wherever You Need It

On Premises

Cygna Auditor can easily be installed on Microsoft Windows Server in your data center.

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Cygna Auditor is also available as a Hyper-V or VMware virtual appliance for rapid deployment.

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In the Cloud

Cygna Auditor is supported on Azure and AWS cloud services.

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Cygna Auditor Makes Life Easier for IT

IT Director

Proving compliance is easy

As more and more organizations provide services for their customers, these customers expect their data to be protected by compliance to regulatory security standards such as ISO 27001. Cygna Auditor makes it easy to prove to your customers that their data is safe with you.

IT Manager

See trends in data usage

Cygna Auditor makes it easy to get an overview of your monitored systems activity and look for trends (such as disk space utilization) you need to take into accounts in your financial forecasts.


Monitoring at scale

Cygna Auditor allows you to customize the alerting on your monitored systems so the events you care about – unusually high activity, configuration changes, utilization warnings – show up immediately on Auditor’s web-based console.

IT Security Administrators

Watching for bad actors

You are always on the watch for unusual activity that may signal an attack, whether it be an attempt at exfiltration by an intruder, damage from a disgruntled insider, or ransomware encrypting every file it encounters. Cygna Auditor can alert you to all of these activities to minimize their impact.

System Administrators

Staying on top of system activity

You’re responsible for the health and availability of many systems, so you don’t want any surprises. Cygna Auditor shows you utilization trends, disk activity, and other essential information with its predefined reports so you’re always on top of your monitored systems.