Cygna Labs updates the Auditor Suite (PBMS) taken over from BeyondTrust at the beginning of this year

Cygna Labs is providing maintenance with ongoing support for BeyondTrust's Auditor Suite customers including releasing a rebranded version that contains fixes and new features.

Cygna Auditor Features

Global Reporting

Global Reporting

Streamlined web console that allows you to view and combine audit information from across your hybrid multi-cloud systems in a single screen.

Audit & Alert

Audit & Alert

Immediately know when there is an unwanted change and who made it.

Real Time, Customized Alerting

Rollback & Recovery

Reduce risk from downtime by undoing any unwanted changes or recovering to a point in time.

Simple installation


Stop changes on critical AD objects from occurring in the first place.

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Minimize your time and effort to produce regulatory compliance reports for auditors with a library of predefined reports.

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RBAC Delegation

Gain complete control over permissions and access with role-based access control delegation model. Organizations can assign users or groups to Cygna built-in or custom roles to provide users with only the permissions needed to do their jobs. Scoping allows for defining where these permissions apply.

Web Console

Web Console

Modern HTML 5 web console allows for any device anywhere management. You easily get a quick environment wide overview or dive into the details to make informed decisions.

Cygna Auditor Platform

Cygna Auditor is a comprehensive, integrated auditing, alerting, and reporting platform that provides insight for your organization’s infrastructure.

Select any of the above modules to learn more about how Cygna Auditor can protect you against unauthorized changes to your infrastructure.

Cygna Auditor Platform

See what Cygna Auditor can do for you and your organization. Request a Cygna Auditor demo tailored to your needs or to learn more about how affordable data insight and control can be.

Demonstrate compliance, identify security threats, and improve IT efficiency with Cygna

Finding security threats or providing change reporting to auditors for compliance mandates can prove to be difficult, time consuming if not impossible for many organizations using native IT auditing tools. Misconfigurations or accidental changes can cause downtime severely impacting productivity or even an organization’s reputation. Learn how Cygna Labs can help you to minimize risks, simplify reporting and even undo bad changes.

Delegation in Cygna Auditor

  The Cygna Labs platform allows you to view and combine audit information from across your hybrid multi-cloud systems in a single web console. Depending on your organization’s administration model, regulatory compliance, or policies, you may need to limit user access and actions. Delegation should limit users to perform specific activities on only the information…

Configure PBMS as a Data Source in Cygna Auditor

Since Cygna Labs took over the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite (PowerBroker Management Suite) at the beginning of this year we have taken on support, maintenance, and enhancements for the products. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we are the same group of industry veterans who also developed the Blackbird Management Suite, which was acquired…

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Cygna Labs releases new version of Cygna Auditor and introduces new User Interface

Cygna Labs, a leading provider of Hybrid Multi Cloud Auditing, Reporting and Compliance releases new version of their flagship solution Cygna Auditor that has a consolidated multi-source reporting feature including PowerBroker Auditor. MIAMI, Fla. July 31st, 2020 — Organizations are embracing hybrid and multi cloud technologies, especially those going through digital transformation initiatives. While this…

Following Agreement to Assume Management of the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite, Cygna Labs Appoints Morgan Holm as Vice President of Products

Leading provider of Microsoft-Hybrid Auditing, Reporting and Compliance Platform taps former 5nine Software and Blackbird Group executive. MIAMI, Fla. February 14, 2020 — Enterprise software’s migration to the cloud continues to evolve and grow. With this growth comes a definitive need for better insight into these infrastructures. Following the recent agreement to assume management of…

Cygna Labs Assumes Management of Auditor Suite from BeyondTrust

Deal ensures ongoing maintenance, support and future product development of the BeyondTrust Auditor Product Line MIAMI, Fla. February 5, 2020 — Cygna Labs announced today that it will assume management of the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite, after entering into an agreement with BeyondTrust, a worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM). Through this strategic partnership with…

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