Protect your Regulated PHI and PII Data from Both External and Internal Threats

Vigilance Requires Visibility

External Attackers

Healthcare companies are tempting targets for external attackers. Healthcare data is among the most valuable content available, and attackers go to great lengths to obtain it. Cygna Auditor alerts you to unusual patterns that may indicate attack activity.

Insider Threats

The healthcare industry isn't immune to insider threats. The dynamics of healthcare IT puts staff in close proximity to high impact data; an intentional leak of this data could lead to fines and damage to the organization's reputation.

Hybrid World

In a hybrid world, data is less siloed than ever and can reside in many places. Because of its highly-integrated nature as part of the Cygna Auditor platform, Cygna Auditor gives you visibility wherever your data is stored, whether it's in local storage on premises or in Azure on Office 365.

Protect, Monitor, and Report on Your Healthcare Systems

Cygna Auditor helps protect your organization from malware that can cripple your organization, interfering with its mission of providing care to its patients and services to their caregivers. Its built-in reporting capabilities free your IT staff from onerous compliance information gathering.

Ransomware Protection

Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks

Healthcare organizations are probably the top target for ransomware attacks today. This unwanted attention is due to healthcare's combination of potentially life-or-death reliance on IT systems, and the patient information contained in these systems. The good news is that active ransomware has a clear signature: methodical, high activity file updates. Cygna Auditor can detect and alert on this activity and what is causing it, which allows security administrators to disconnect the offending source before it can get far.

Keep A Close Watch On EHR

Keep A Close Watch On EHR

Electronic health records (EHR) data are the most closely guarded treasures in a healthcare organization. The nature of how healthcare works means that EHR data are often extracted from structured database systems such as Epic and stored in unstructured formats (such as Excel) on file servers. Cygna Auditor keeps a close watch on the permissions and activity of these servers to ensure that data doesn't leak to where it shouldn't.

Put Audit Worries Behind You

Put Audit Worries Behind You

Healthcare is a highly-regulated industry. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001, PCI, and other regulatory standards may apply to these organizations that handle and transmit electronic health records (EHR), deal with credit card / payment card data, and other facets of a modern business. A basic requirement of all these standards is that the organization has visibility into how data is being handled – and can prove it when audit time arrives. Cygna Auditor provides you that visibility, and built-in reports to satisfy compliance auditors.

Ease Your Healthcare Compliance Burden with Cygna Auditor's Built-In Reporting Capabilities

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