Protect Customer Data and Simplify Compliance Reporting with Cygna Auditor

Gain Visibility Into Your Regulated Data Activity

Responsible for Customers Data

Financial services organizations are not only responsible for their customer's financial data; these organizations also hold customer personally identifiable information (PII). Cygna Auditor helps protect customers by providing visibility into all activities that touch their data.

Insider Threats

The financial services industry is long familiar with insider threats. But an organization can't detect insider activity if it doesn't monitor the systems that contain the data. Cygna Auditor collects activity logs to keep you aware of all activities you need to be aware of.

Hybrid World

In a hybrid world, data is less siloed than ever and can reside in many places. Because of its highly-integrated nature as part of the Cygna Auditor platform, Cygna Auditor gives you visibility wherever your data is stored, whether it's in local storage on premises or in Azure on Office 365.

Save Time and Money Ensuring Your Financial Systems Are Compliant

Cygna Auditor saves your staff resources by helping your organization easily prove its compliance status. Built-in reports, designed to meet compliance reporting requirements, are easy to generate.

Demonstrate Control Over Your Systems

Demonstrate Control Over Your Systems

Because they handle many types of sensitive customer data, financial services organizations are heavily regulated. One aspect of these regulations is focused on proving that access to systems is closely watched, from keeping accounts current and valid to ensuring that the right people – and only the right people - have the correct access. Through its simple web interface, Cygna Auditor allows you to easily understand who has access to what resources and to generate reports that prove to auditors you are in control of your systems.

Ransomware Protection

Keep Ransomware Out of Your Systems

Financial service organizations are tempting ransomware targets. These organizations hold many kinds of sensitive data and they must have extremely high availability. The activity of ransomware makes its footprint easy to detect when you know what you're looking for. Cygna Auditor can alert on active ransomware when it spots unusual, high activity file updates. This allows security administrators to disconnect the infected source of the malware before it can get far.

Streamline Investigations

Streamline Investigations

Investigations are an important aspect of security for financial service organizations. Prompt exploration of activity is an essential aspect of security compliance; these investigations often span multiple systems to determine an activity pattern. Cygna Auditor's highly integrated product modules allow you to track user activity across multiple systems and create reports to gain an overall view of potentially suspicious activity.

Simplify Your Financial Services Compliance Preparation with Cygna Auditor's Built-In Reporting Capabilities

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