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DDI Services

DDI is a critical necessity for today’s IP networks in support of network initiatives such as cloud, security, DevOps, IPv6 deployment, and more. Whether your business serves customers, employees, partners or suppliers, your end users rely on seamless IP address assignment and rapid name resolution to utilize IP network resources.

Managed IPAM services

Diamond IP offers an advanced, centralized IPAM system that enables customers to manage their IP address space and associated DHCP and DNS servers. Despite powerful system capabilities, many customers prefer to leverage a managed service to perform IPAM functions. A managed service approach enables customers to retain focus on network initiatives while relying upon the skills and expertise of Diamond IP managed services to support their foundational IPAM functions.

Managed IPAM services

ISO-27001 certified

The Diamond IP managed IPAM services are ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified. These certifications acclaim Diamond IP as a model managed services organization and lends credible independent validation on the quality, security and management practices of the Diamond IP managed services.

ISO-27001 certified

DDI infrastructure management

The foundation of our managed IPAM services is the Sapphire Infrastructure Management (SIM) Service, which provides management of backups, upgrades, monitoring and administration of deployed Sapphire appliances. The SIM service provides for the system administration of deployed Sapphire appliances, including 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, proactive trouble reporting and resolution, and upgrading of the secure Sapphire operating system, kernel, and DHCP and DNS services for security fixes or new feature sets.

DDI moves, adds and changes

The managed IPAM service encompasses and embellishes the SIM service to provide support for IPAM moves, adds, and changes. The IPAM managed service offers a complete IPAM services option, providing all of the system administration, monitoring and upgrades for deployed Sapphire DHCP/DNS appliances plus the day-to-day updates to IP address blocks, subnets, IP address assignments, address pools, DNS domains and resource records. IPAM functions are performed by the experts within the Diamond IP Managed Services Center to provide rapid and accurate IPAM services.

Maximize effectiveness with our training services

As a thought leader in the DDI industry, Diamond IP offers numerous educational resources enabling you to learn about IPAM technologies, including IP addressing, DHCP, DNS, DNSSEC, and related technologies within the IPAM discipline. Extensive product training is available to educate you and your team on the rich feature set available to you with our IPControl and Sapphire products. Standard week-long classroom training is provided bi-monthly, with hands-on lab exercises.

Migration and implementation services

Diamond IP products offer the industry’s most flexible deployment options. Whether you are seeking to centrally manage an existing infrastructure of Sapphire, ISC, and/or Microsoft servers, migrate to an all-appliance deployment, or somewhere in between, Diamond IP professionals are available to help you plan your best practices-based deployment of IPControl to help you meet your performance, high availability, scalability, and budget requirements.

Flexible product support

Diamond IP offers three customer support program tiers to choose from. Diamond IP support is staffed around the clock. Our customers can initiate a service request via phone, email or by accessing our support site. Customers are also able to access our extensive knowledgebase on our support website for electronic help and how-to articles.