Protect Sensitive Citizen Data While Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

Clean Up Administrators and Limit Risk

Often understaffed

Public sector organizations are facing ever-increasing demands and expectations from their constituents to deliver services more effectively, efficiently and securely. Cygna Auditor monitors at-risk systems and alerts the administrator of unusual activities and behavior that may indicate a threat.

Administrators Accumulate

Administrators tend to accumulate in systems that have been active for years. Requests for privileged access are common – privilege removal far less so. Cygna Auditor supports the review of administrative access, simplifying the task of removing unneeded administrators.

NIST or ISO Compliance

Public sector organizations following NIST or ISO 27001 standards must prove they have evaluated risk in a variety of scenarios. Cygna Auditor reporting provides you with the hard data you need to demonstrate your control over group membership and access to resources.

Know Your Administrators and Who's Accessing Your Data

Cygna Auditor helps protect your systems by showing you what users and groups have administrative access, and who's accessing your data. This both limits your attack surface and proves to regulators that you're in control.

Protect Against Attack

Protect Against Attack

Public sector organizations, with their older IT systems and often overwhelmed staff, are commonly thought to be easy targets for external attacks that exfiltrate sensitive PII or PHI data. And it's true that out of the box tools don't provide the means that IT staff needs to monitor for unusual or suspicious activity. Cygna Auditor provides both reporting and alerting capabilities that are built in for you to use immediately, and also customizable for your specific needs.

Simplify Your Compliance Audit Burden

Simplify Your Compliance Audit Burden

Governmental agencies and public sector organizations must hold themselves accountable to a variety of regulations that require they prove their full control of, and visibility into, their IT systems. Both internal and external audits expect to be shown how in-place security policies control access to sensitive data managing accounts and group membership, and what these security principals are allowed to access. Cygna Auditor's built in, compliance-focused reports makes preparing for these audits a simple task.

Enable Regular Review of Administrators

Enable Regular Review of Administrators

One of the most common issues facing IT systems management – and one of its greatest security risks – is having too many administrators. Users are often provisioned into a system with urgency, and with too many privileges, so that an overworked admin can move on to other tasks. Worse, there's no attestation process where that user's access is regularly reviewed to determine if they still require access. Cygna Auditor's administrative access reports provides a foundation to build a regular admin review and cleanup on.

Simplify Your Compliance Preparation with Cygna Auditor's Built-In Reporting Capabilities

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