Cygna Auditor for

Azure AD

Monitor and protect Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service which controls access to Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, cloud services, and many SaaS applications.

Cygna Auditor for Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service, which is used to allow users to sign in and access cloud resources such as Microsoft Office 365, the Azure portal or other cloud based apps that can also contain external B2B or B2C users. Azure AD issues can result in costly service disruptions and business-crippling downtime or even unwanted access.

Users At Risk

Comprehensive change auditing

Cygna Auditor for Azure Active Directory captures the details of all changes made to your tenant(s), including who made the change, when the change was made, what changed, with the pre and post values.

Risky Sign-ins

Alerts on critical activity

Be notified of critical Azure AD changes that put your environment at risk. This allows you to respond quickly to minimize your exposure and prevent widespread damage.

User Changes

Risky Sign-ins

Cygna Auditor for Azure AD reports back on sign-in attempts to the cloud service from risky or anonymous IP addresses.

Group Changes

Track role changes

Roles can be used to control access and secure resources in much the same way as groups so monitoring them is critical. Cygna Auditor for Azure AD reports on role membership changes, or changes to role definitions.

Policy Changes

Detailed logon tracking

Monitor Azure AD access control for compliance and security by analyzing user and admin sign-ins and providing security reports on both successful and failed attempts to access your Azure AD and cloud applications.

Azure AD is used to control access to your apps and your app resources, based on your business requirements. Azure AD can also automate user provisioning between your on-prem Active Directory (AD) and your cloud apps, including Micorosft 365 to meet your access governance requirements. Monitoring and alerting on unusual activity in this service is critical to ensure your cloud services and Microsoft 365 security and operations.

Activity

Cygna Auditor for Azure AD provides insight into the cloud service's user activity by reporting on user sign ins, both successful and (perhaps more importantly) unsuccessful.

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