Protect Student and Employee Data from Internal and External Attacks with Cygna Auditor

Customize Protection for Different Data Types and Locations

Private Data

Educational institutions contain private data for thousands of students that must be protected from exposure or exfiltration by both external and internal attackers. Cygna Auditor monitors your at-risk systems to show administrators both normal and irregular activity.

Student Data

In addition to student data, educational institutions contain faculty, staff, and alumni data with varying degrees of privacy requirements. You can configure Cygna Auditor with alerts customized for each data type to fit your needs.


Modern educational institutions take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud in addition to their existing on-premises systems. The highly-integrated components of Cygna Auditor give you visibility across the range of environments where your data is stored.


Take the first step towards protecting and alerting your institution's student, faculty, staff, and alumni data.

Control Access to Important Resources – and Be Able to Prove It

Cygna Auditor not only helps you protect your institution's staff, student, and faculty data; it also provides insight into their usage and save administrator time preparing for compliance audits.

Protect Research Investments

Protect Research Investments

Unlike many other organizations, educational institutions often have several distinct missions that overlap but have different requirements. One of these is faculty research. Often cutting edge, and complicated by collaborative access needs, this research data is highly sought after by external bad actors and must be protected. Cygna Auditor reports on who has access to what and when it was accessed, and can be customized to alert on suspicious activity.

Prevent Unauthorized Student Access

Prevent Unauthorized Student Access

Unlike other organizations where insider attacks are regarded as uncommon, attempted unauthorized access by students is a fact of life in educational institutions. Attacks are sometimes simple and sometimes use the latest malware available, but educational IT must protect its systems against the institution's own transient users. Cygna Auditor monitors accounts and group memberships that control access to resources and thus ensures that only authorized personnel have access.

Minimize Time and Effort Preparing for Compliance Audits

Minimize Time and Effort Preparing for Compliance Audits

Because they hold PII data for students, faculty, and staff, educational institutions are subject to a variety of regulatory mandates. Educational IT staff are often "peanutbuttered" across many roles and have little time to devote to preparing for compliance audits. Cygna Auditor has built-in reports designed to satisfy audit requirements for most well-known regulatory mandates and standards.

Simplify Your Educational Compliance Preparation with Cygna Auditor's Built-In Reporting Capabilities

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