Cygna Auditor for

Active Directory

Protect your most critical piece of IT security infrastructure

Cygna Auditor for Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is the heart for most organizations’ identity management. AD issues can result in costly service disruptions and business-crippling downtime. Data breaches and non-compliance with SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR or other regulations can cause you to incur significant expenses as well. You need an Active Directory audit tool that ensures you are notified in real time of critical changes to both AD and Group Policy. Leverage Cygna Auditor for Active Directory to maintain security and prove compliance.

No OS modifications needed

Comprehensive change auditing

Cygna Auditor for Active Directory detects all possible changes to Active Directory and Group Policy with the who, what, when and where details with pre and post values.

Full Coverage

Rollback changes

Undo changes that should not have been made in the first place whether unauthorized or unintentional. Simply rollback objects or attribute values in a few simple mouse clicks.

What If? Modeling


Protect against changes to critical Active Directory objects by stopping them, such as Enterprise Admins group, accidentally deleted OUs and GPOs.

Roll Back Unauthorized Changes

Real-time alerts

Be notified in real-time of critical changes that may require immediate attention.

Detect Configuration Changes

Deployment & Scalability

Cygna Auditor for AD provides the ability to manage and deploy from a centralized database and web management console. It has been built from the ground up to excel from small to exceptionally large environments.

Directory Snapshots

Auditor reporting

Generate comprehensive reports for best practices and regulatory compliance mandates for GDPR, SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA and more.


Integrated event forwarding

Integrate with SIEM solutions to forward Cygna Auditor events to Splunk, ArcSight and others.

No Agents

Centralized web-based management console

Search from anywhere using a web browser, no need for an installed console. Query and report across on prem, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments with a simple to use interface.

No Agents

Role based access control (RBAC)

Simple access configuration that allows users to only have the necessary rights to perform their jobs on only the information they are allowed to work with.

No Agents

Efficient auditing

Get rid of traditional auditing limitations and capture change information without the need for native audit logs. No need to set SACLs and GPOs to capture desired events or miss events because the logs rolled over.

Simple installation

Cygna Auditor installs in minutes, without the need for professional services. A wizard guides you through the whole installation and configuration process to ensure you get up and running fast. Choose agent or agentless data collection or a combination.

Take Control of Your Systems Today

Take the first step towards insight, alerts, and compliance on your audit data. Learn more by downloading a Cygna Auditor datasheet.

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