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DDI for Internet of Things

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DDI for Internet of Things

Integrate the tracking and management of your distributed IoT devices with powerful, centralized DDI management through a single pane of glass

Internet-enabling DDI
Internet-enabling DDI

Internet-enabling “non-user” devices enables them to communicate using the Internet Protocol. Such devices comprise the Internet of Things (IoT). They can serve as probes, report updates or events, or perform directed actions commanded by users or other devices via an enterprise network or the Internet. IoT applications range from widely-applicable remote surveillance and security monitoring to application-specific deployments that provide expanded visibility on buildings, factory floors, and other remote assets. Such automation can help organizations improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Easily provision IoT devices
Easily provision IoT devices

Like other IP network participants, IoT devices require IPAM configuration: a subnet to join, an IP address and likely a DNS name. In some scenarios, you may desire to allocate IP addresses to IoT devices as you would non-thing devices using DHCP or APIs. In these cases, normal integrated IPAM processes would apply. Otherwise, where segregated or field-based IoT devices are deployed, other strategies may be required. When deploying remote sensors in a harsh environment you may need to implement protocols such as 6LoWPAN or other IP adaptations. These protocols support address autoconfiguration and limited requisite communications.

  • Block/subnet allocation for IoT subnetworks

  • DHCPv6 configuration if used though in most lossy environments, SLAAC would be more efficient for zero-touch bootstrapping

  • IPv6 address tracking, particularly when SLAAC is in use. Periodic polling of border router neighbor tables can be useful

  • DNS configuration as appropriate

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