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Cygna Labs Launches Log Consolidator for Windows Event Logs

June 20, 2023

MIAMI, Fla., June 20, 2023Cygna Labs, a highly specialized software developer with a focus on serving enterprises worldwide and a leading provider of DDI, cloud security, and compliance technology, announced today the launch of a new standalone product, Cygna Log Consolidator designed to collect Windows event log data for easy analysis. IT managers can stream only desired Windows events from targeted machines for centralized storage in SQL Server. Gathering relevant events in one place minimizes storage requirements and delivers the ability for fast searching and filtering with a single view of all collected log data.

Windows event log records are spread across the network environment. It is impractical to manually access each source and sift through irrelevant entries to locate meaningful ones. Additionally, due to a large volume of log entries and rollover configurations, some events may have already been deleted. Log Consolidator’s event analysis solves these challenges and ensures systems and applications operate properly and are secure while delivering proof of regulatory compliance. Features include:

• Built-in reports and queries – A library of built-in commonly used event queries and reports simplifies both the collection and reporting of events for operations, security, and compliance. • Real-time alerts – Real-time notification of critical events that may require immediate attention. Alerts can be sent to email, Teams, and SIEM systems. • Selective event purging – Configurable purging allows for the removal of events once they are no longer needed. Allows IT managers to retain events based on internal policies or required by regulatory compliance.

Christian Ehrenthal, CEO, Cygna Labs, said: “Our goal at Cygna Labs is to provide our customers with technology that helps make their jobs easier through ongoing innovation. This latest addition streamlines the arduous process of monitoring, collecting, and analyzing important log data. Adding this capability to our growing list of product offerings fosters efficiency while relieving the stress associated with compliance.”

Morgan Holm, VP of products – security and compliance, Cygna Labs, said: “Cygna Log Consolidator simplifies the process of collecting and viewing of event log data by streamlining the gathering and management of Windows events with scalable and flexible centralized SQL storage. By providing customizable views and filtering with who, what, when, where and event ID details, we have made query and report access a seamless process. We are excited to add this new technology to our growing list of cloud security and compliance products.”

About Cygna Labs Cygna Labs is a software developer and one of the top three global DDI vendors. Many Fortune 100 customers rely on Cygna Labs’ DDI products and services, in addition to its industry-leading security and compliance solutions, to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, and increase the productivity of their IT departments. For more information, visit