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Streamline Your Windows Event Log Analysis with Cygna Log Consolidator

Morgan Holm

Morgan Holm

Jun 22, 2023

Streamline Your Windows Event Log Analysis with Cygna Log Consolidator

Importance of Windows Events

Windows event logs contain vital information about the health and security of your systems and applications. Events are generated by Windows, drivers, and applications whenever specific actions occur, such as system startup, login, program installation, service failure, or security breach attempts among many others. Analyzing Windows events gives a view into the health, performance, and security of your systems and applications. Failure to analyze the event logs can lead to security issues, system or application downtime, and compliance violations.

Why is it difficult to analyze Windows events?

The challenge in analyzing Windows event logs lies in the fact that these logs are distributed across the environment, making it impractical to access each source manually one by one. Additionally, due to a large volume of log entries it is hard to find meaningful and important events. Logs can grow quickly due the number of events that get generated. Log rollover configurations limit the size and retention of log files, so that they don’t fill up system storage. This means that some events you need may have already been deleted before you have a chance to analyze them. Furthermore, searching and filtering through event logs manually is time-consuming.

How Cygna Log Consolidator helps

Cygna Log Consolidator provides a solution to the challenges of event log analysis. It streamlines the gathering and management of Windows events with scalable and flexible centralized SQL storage, while remaining adaptable to your ever-changing needs. Some of the features that make Cygna Log Consolidator useful include:

Centralized event collection and storage: Cygna Log Consolidator allows you to collect and store only the desired Windows events from targeted machines for centralized storage in SQL Server. This approach minimizes storage requirements and provides for fast searching and filtering with a single view of all collected log data.

Built-in Reports and Queries: Cygna Log Consolidator provides a library of built-in commonly used event queries and reports to simplify both the collection and reporting of events for operations, security, and compliance.


Real-time alerts: Cygna Log Consolidator allows you to set up real-time alerts for critical events that may require immediate attention. Alerts can be sent to email, Teams, and or to SIEM systems.

Selective event purging: Configurable purging allows you to remove events once they are no longer needed. This enables you to only retain events based on internal policy or that are required regulatory compliance.

Cygna Log Consolidator is an excellent solution for collecting and centralizing Windows event log data. By using Cygna Log Consolidator, you can simplify the process of event collection, analysis, and retention to ensure that your systems and applications operate securely and comply with regulatory requirements. See it for yourself in a demo or evaluate it in a POC, please contact today.