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Hybrid Exchange Auditing

Morgan Holm

Morgan Holm

Jun 23, 2022

Hybrid Exchange Auditing

Microsoft Exchange is a key productivity tool that provides services for messaging, tasks, contacts, and calendaring. Exchange is often deployed in a hybrid configuration with sensitive mailboxes kept on-premises and the rest in Microsoft 365. Organizations need Exchange auditing software that provides a single correlated view of events to monitor for security policy, compliance violations and potential costly downtime.

Email is a primary communication tool and method to share information within and between organizations. Some of the information could be sensitive in nature such as intellectual property and may be covered by regulatory compliance mandates. This makes it a high value target and vulnerable for abuse. Organizations need to keep track of mailbox activities and to be alerted on critical events such as:

  • Non-owner mailbox access by delegates or admins
  • Exchange On-Premises and Exchange Online configuration changes
  • Permission changes
  • Policy changes

Cygna Auditor for Exchange On-Premises and Cygna Auditor for Exchange Online capture the changes taking place in Exchange and can alert you on critical events with details so you can act quickly. Troubleshooting is simplified by viewing recent configuration changes that include before and after values. Built-in reports reduce the effort to prove compliance to IT auditors. Custom reports and alerts can also be easily created to tailor them to your organizations needs and environment.

All events are shown in plain language with the who, what when and where information of the activity and where applicable the before and after values. This makes it easy to understand what has occurred. The advanced filtering capabilities of the platform allow you to quickly drill down to just the information you need for task at hand.

non-owner mailbox access event with Details