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What matters to you in a DDI solution? (Part 1)

Timothy Rooney

Timothy Rooney

09. Apr. 2024

What matters to you in a DDI solution? (Part 1)

Let’s get real about the DDI market. Among the three major DDI vendors, frankly all offer a diverse, rich set of IPAM, DHCP, DNS features for appliances, software, and virtualized/cloud deployments. However, each offers unique attributes as well, which may just tip the scales in the favor of one vendor over the others. We’ve been an integral player within the DDI industry for over 25 years, and through the years we’ve found that different users resonate with different attributes that they require to improve their DDI management, address pain points or just to take a fresh look at the DDI vendor landscape.

The points addressed in this post relate to DDI administration, automation, and integration. Part 2 of this post covers attributes related to DDI visibility and strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture.


When analyzing DDI solutions, you’ll see that some vendors are stronger in certain attributes than others. We believe that Cygna Labs DDI solutions excel at supporting each of these attributes and we invite you to evaluate them for yourself. Book a call today.