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Cygna Labs Expands VitalQIP DDI Security with Cygna Radar

June 04, 2023

LAS VEGAS (Cisco Live Booth #8803), June 4, 2023Cygna Labs, a highly specialized software developer with a focus on providing enterprises worldwide and a leading provider of DDI, cloud security, and compliance technology, announced today a new product release to support VitalQIP customers after acquiring the VitalQIP business earlier this year. Cygna Radar provides advanced threat protection for DNS and extensive DDI visibility, forensics, and reporting.

• Centralized user interface - Cygna Radar is installable as an appliance package for VitalQIP appliances via the VitalQIP Appliance Management Systems (AMS). Each VitalQIP appliance tracks DHCP and DNS packets, and transactions can be viewed via a centralized Cygna Radar user interface. • Simple view of DNS tunnels for easy management - Advanced threat protection encompasses monitoring and detection of the use of the DNS protocol as a vehicle for the exfiltration of sensitive information. Cygna Radar examines DNS queries and responses to automatically detect and shut down such DNS tunnels. It provides a simple view of detected DNS tunnels for managing blocked connections, including the re-opening of pair-wise connections for known authorized traffic. • Reduces data volume transmitted to SIEM systems - DDI transaction data may also be filtered and forwarded to SIEM systems from Cygna Radar for centralized event correlation and persistence. Filtering reduces the data volume transmitted to SIEM systems, which can yield significant savings in SIEM volume charges while retaining critical DDI forensics data for cyber threat investigations.

Alexander Haecker, CEO, Cygna Labs Group GmbH, said: “We promised at the outset of our acquisition of the VitalQIP business that Cygna Labs would continue to invest in VitalQIP. This introduction of our first new VitalQIP appliance package enables VitalQIP customers to add advanced DNS threat protection, not to mention packet-level visibility to DNS and DHCP traffic on their networks, vastly improving their overall network security posture.”

Christian Ehrenthal, president and CEO, Cygna Labs Corp., said: “Our heritage in the security and compliance space along with our unmatched DDI pedigree have enabled us to deliver Cygna Radar to VitalQIP customers in record time. DDI data is instrumental in investigating cyber threat incidents and Cygna Radar delivers actionable threat information and transaction level forensics data.”

Visit us at Cisco Live, Las Vegas Booth #8803, to chat with one of Cygna Labs’ #DDILegends and learn about our wide variety of DDI products and services.

About Cygna Labs Cygna Labs is a software developer and one of the top three global DDI vendors. Many Fortune 100 customers rely on Cygna Labs’ DDI products and services, in addition to its industry-leading security and compliance solutions, to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, and increase the productivity of their IT departments. For more information, visit