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Revive the Vitality of your VitalQIP deployment

Timothy Rooney

Timothy Rooney

02. Sept. 2022

Revive the Vitality of your VitalQIP deployment

Let’s face it. Nokia’s VitalQIP® is a great DHCP-DNS-IPAM (DDI) product. It was in fact the premier DDI product, pioneering what was originally known as the IP address management (IPAM) industry, having been first introduced nearly thirty years ago in 1995. Over the time span since, many DDI vendors have come and gone, but VitalQIP still remains “vital” to many organizations around the world to this day. DDI is mission critical technology, however it’s implemented in a network, and the reliability and performance of VitalQIP have proven equal to its chief competitors over the decades.

As Your Network Scope Expands, So Does Your DDI

Nowadays, the span of networks has exploded beyond traditional LAN/WAN into virtualization, multi-cloud, SD-WAN, and Internet of Things (IoT), complicating the responsibilities of IT managers, including critical DDI functions. Unfortunately, IT staff levels have not risen proportionally with the expansive scope of today’s IP networks. Stretching IT staff across an ever-broadening scope has led many organizations to seek more automated DDI solutions. However, swapping out DDI systems typically engenders a lengthy and often disruptive process.

An alternative less tumultuous approach entails leveraging the managed DDI services offered by Cygna Labs Diamond IP to support your VitalQIP deployment operations. Yes, we also offer our own DDI solution, but we believe customers appreciate our more flexible and adaptable DDI approach to help them improve their current DDI implementations without a hasty and turbulent swap-out process. Our managed services are offered in two tiers: our Services Infrastructure Management (SIM) service monitors and administers your distributed DHCP and DNS services on supported platforms, and our managed IPAM service performs your DDI moves, adds, and changes as requested to fulfill the necessary DDI component across your sprawling IT initiatives.

Multi-Tiered Multi-Vendor Managed DDI Services

Our SIM service supports not only our Sapphire line of hardware and virtualized appliances but also our runIP hardware and virtual appliances. While Sapphire appliances support Cygna Labs Diamond IP DDI software, runIP supports Diamond IP as well as VitalQIP DDI software. Our SIM service enables you to continue to utilize the VitalQIP system to manage your DDI across your diverse network, while Cygna Labs Diamond IP monitors, troubleshoots, patches, and upgrades deployed runIP appliances and installed VitalQIP remote services.

Our managed IPAM service option enables you to simply submit change tickets to our DDI Managed Services Operations Center where we can effect the requested changes using the VitalQIP interface running on your Enterprise Server(s). These options enable you to offload the administration of remotes and/or that of execution of DDI changes as well, enabling you to extend the lifetime of your VitalQIP deployment and defer indefinitely migrating DHCP and DNS services.

Cygna Labs Diamond IP DDI services can help you keep pace with the rapid expansion of your network and services, without compromising the integrity of your rock solid VitalQIP DDI foundation. Please contact us to learn more.

Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.