• Delegation in Cygna Auditor

      The Cygna Labs platform allows you to view and combine audit information from across your hybrid multi-cloud systems in a single web console. Depending on your organization’s administration model, regulatory compliance, or policies, you may need to limit user access and actions. Delegation should limit users to perform specific activities on only the information… Read More

  • Configure PBMS as a Data Source in Cygna Auditor

    Since Cygna Labs took over the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite (PowerBroker Management Suite) at the beginning of this year we have taken on support, maintenance, and enhancements for the products. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we are the same group of industry veterans who also developed the Blackbird Management Suite, which was acquired… Read More

  • Cloud Computing Demystified – Part 3

    Cloud Computing (Part 3) – The Risks & Challenges In the previous blog, Cloud Computing Demystified - Part 2 – The Benefits, we discussed the benefits of cloud computing, and there are many, but we also need to be aware of the challenges and risks associated with cloud computing. If you didn’t read the previous… Read More

  • File Server security (Part 3) – Securing your Windows File Servers

    In the two previous parts of “File Server Security” (1-2), we looked at ways for you to physically secure your files servers, making it more difficult for perps to get physical access to your servers and the data, but if they still would, we would surely make them sweat a little bit before they could… Read More