• Cygna Identity Feature

    Organizations are moving some of their workloads to the cloud and embracing SaaS solutions like never before.  However, most organizations will still have key workloads on-prem for some time due to the cost, effort or regulatory / residency issues.  This all results in organizations having a multitude of systems and applications that do not share… Read More

  • Active Directory is dead, long live Active Directory

    If you were to look at topics being covered at Microsoft’s conferences, announcements, or social media one could easily assume that Active Directory (AD) is dead.  It is correct that many organizations are embracing SaaS solutions and are going through digital transformations.  While all of this is true, we are still at the beginning of… Read More

  • Cygna Auditor SIEM Event Forwarding

    Cygna Auditor can now forward events to SIEM systems in a standard syslog format or in a structured view to Splunk. Cygna Auditor events are presented in plain language which greatly simplifies the understanding and consumption of the audit information.  This enables operational and security teams to work efficiently and make decisions and react quickly.… Read More

  • Cygna Labs Adds SIEM Event Forwarding and Identity Grouping Features to Cygna Auditor Version 2.0

      Cygna Labs releases a new version of Cygna Auditor (v 2.0.380) that implements event forwarding to SIEM systems as well as an account mapping feature that allows for the grouping of an individual’s user accounts from multiple on-prem and cloud systems to a searchable identity. SIEM Forwarding The need for organizations to understand what is… Read More