• We put you in control of your data – Purging

    Cygna solutions are designed to put you in control of your data.  There are other new related features coming soon that will be covered in additional blog articles such as database segmentation and archiving. Change auditing can generate a lot of data which can make it difficult to find, analyze and retain the events.  Cygna… Read More

  • Auditing Policies - Cygna Auditor for Active Directory

    Cygna Auditor for Active Directory auditing policies have two main purposes, to protect objects from being changed or to exclude specified activities from being captured.  These auditing policies are applicable at the domain level in Active Directory (AD) when using agent-based auditing.  Once a policy is configured via the wizard, the agents in that domain… Read More

  • Cygna Identity Feature

    Organizations are moving some of their workloads to the cloud and embracing SaaS solutions like never before.  However, most organizations will still have key workloads on-prem for some time due to the cost, effort or regulatory / residency issues.  This all results in organizations having a multitude of systems and applications that do not share… Read More

  • Active Directory is dead, long live Active Directory

    If you were to look at topics being covered at Microsoft’s conferences, announcements, or social media one could easily assume that Active Directory (AD) is dead.  It is correct that many organizations are embracing SaaS solutions and are going through digital transformations.  While all of this is true, we are still at the beginning of… Read More