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  • File Server security (Part 3) – Securing your Windows File Servers

    In the two previous parts of “File Server Security” (1-2), we looked at ways for you to physically secure your files servers, making it more difficult for perps to get physical access to your servers and the data, but if they still would, we would surely make them sweat a little bit before they could… Read More

  • File Server security (Part 2) – Securing your Windows File Servers

    In the first part of File Server security we covered the importance of physically protecting our file servers, preventing evil predators from putting their filthy hands on our physical hardware, trying to get access to sensitive data. If someone would simply walk into a server room, or datacenters, grab one of the file servers and… Read More

  • File Server Security (Part 1) – Securing your Windows File Servers

    Do you remember the days when you stored everything on a file server? I’m not talking about a fancy cluster, blade server, or a virtual machine, just that one boxy piece of metal collecting dust in the corner of the cold and noisy server room?   Well, that server might still be around you know!… Read More

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – A safety feature we all benefit from…

    A few months ago, I received a call from American Express… “Mr. Grondahl, this is Jennifer from American Express, you wouldn’t happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, would you? We believe someone is using your credit card there right now”  “Thank you for your call Jennifer, I wish I was in Kuala Lumpur, but… Read More