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JNT Group is one of the largest producers of wine in the world


JNT Group

JNT Group is a leading distributor of wines with a wide portfolio, specializing in importing and distributing high-quality wines from various regions around the world. The company enjoys recognition in the wine industry and serves retail networks, restaurants, as wellas individual customers.


JNT Group, as a distribution company, had to face certain challenges related to managing access to key resources, including the Active Directory system, which is a crucial element of the company's IT infrastructure. The main issues included:

  • Inadequate access control: Existing tools did not provide full visibility and control over who has access to resources in the Active Directory system
  • Data confidentiality assurance: Due to the sensitivity of data, especially concerning customers and suppliers, the company had to ensure their complete confidentiality and integrity
  • Permission management: Managing user permissions in the Active Directory system was complex and required automation and auditing to ensure compliance and security

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After assessing the company's needs, JNT Group decided to implement the Cygna Auditor Platform system, which offers advanced monitoring, auditing, and access management features in the Active Directory system. 


“With more and more web-enabled devices and applications demanded, service providers have to run ever faster just to stand still. IPControl™ from Cygna Diamond IP brings the control we need to manage IP addresses now and in the future.”

Kevin Bates

Kevin Bates

Lead Designer IP Address Management, BT Design and Innovation

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“What was particularly pleasing was that the Cygna experts had directly involved us in the development. We have always been in direct contact with Cygna Labs in Canada.”

Ralf Kutt

Ralf Kutt

IT administrator at Frankfurt University Hospital

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