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Cygna Labs Adds SIEM Event Forwarding and Identity Grouping Features to Cygna Auditor

July 30, 2020

Cygna Labs, a leading provider of Hybrid Multi Cloud Auditing, Reporting and Compliance releases new version of their flagship solution Cygna Auditor that has a consolidated multi-source reporting feature including PowerBroker Auditor.

MIAMI, Fla. July 31st, 2020 — Organizations are embracing hybrid and multi cloud technologies, especially those going through digital transformation initiatives. While this changes and improves the way organizations interact with their customers, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to have insight on these dispersed and disparate systems.

Cygna Auditor’s global reporting feature provides a single audit view across hybrid and multi cloud environments simplifying compliance reporting. Following the agreement earlier this year to assume management of the BeyondTrust’s Auditor Suite, Cygna Labs provides a smooth transition for BeyondTrust Auditor customers by integrating PowerBroker Management Suite (PBMS) as data source in the global reporting feature. This will allow them the ability to view their PBMS data alongside many other sources such as Office / Microsoft 365.

This release also brings a new role-based access control (RBAC) delegation model with scoping. Organizations can assign users or groups to Cygna built-in or custom roles to provide users with only the permissions needed to do their jobs. Scoping allows for defining where these permissions apply. Morgan Holm, VP of products, Cygna Labs, said, “Consolidating audit information in a single and easy to use interface will save organizations a significant amount of effort for their audit, compliance and reporting needs while providing a RBAC delegation model with scoping, allows them to control access, privileges and resources.”

Rainer Maurer, CEO, Cygna Labs, said, “BeyondTrust Auditor Suite customers can now seamlessly leverage their existing installation to view their on prem audit data along with cloud sources. These customers do not need to migrate or rip and replace to take advantage of the Cygna platform.”

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