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Managing multi-vendor DDI networks

21 April, 2022 13:00 Uhr Mitteleuropäische Zeit (MEZ)

As a result of M&A, decentralized IT, or just incremental procurements, many enterprises find themselves managing their DHCP, DNS and IPAM (DDI) using multiple management solutions, from spreadsheets, to homegrown systems, to off-the-shelf systems from one or more vendors. Many IT service providers likewise require a need to manage multiple vendor DDI systems. Swapping out DDI systems to consolidate them can be costly and disruptive. This webinar will review the challenges with such an environment and discuss alternative solutions to facilitate effective multi-vendor DDI without vendor swap-out, including managing VitalQIP, Diamond IP, runIP, and others.

Timothy Rooney

Timothy Rooney

Vice President Products DDI