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The threat from within – Who supervises the supervisor?

Arno Therburg

Arno Therburg

10. Aug. 2018

The threat from within – Who supervises the supervisor?

All organizations constantly worry about external attackers, but truth to be told is that most threats these days come from malicious insiders. This is something that most organizations are not prepared to handle.

That insider could be your trusted colleague sitting across the desk from you, and that person may or may not even know he or she is a threat.

A large number of users and devices have excessive access to sensitive data, especially on file servers and databases, and this is becoming a growing problem for most organizations today.

The focus is shifting from external to insider threat detection, prevention and analysis for most organizations, but they lack the training, expertise and tools when it comes to insider threat management.

The August 2016 arrest of NSA contractor -Harold Thomas Martin III, charged with stealing approximately 50 terabytes of highly classified data, and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials, is one of the latest examples of a trend officials say can be every bit as dangerous as an outside hacker: the insider threat.

Threat awareness and security controls are critical for organizations and the federal government to prevent or mitigate insider attacks.

A growing concern for employees, personnel and contractors that use their own positions to walk away with sensitive information has forced new safeguards to better secure and monitor data and the people that access it.

The biggest inside threat comes from managers and other privileged users with access to sensitive or classified information, followed by contractors and consultants, and regular employees. Credentialed access makes insider attacks more difficult to prevent.

Most organizations today don’t have the appropriate controls in place to prevent insider attacks.

With Cygna Auditor organizations monitor activities on their critical systems, allowing them to detect and track all activity, regardless of account privileges, detecting and alerting  changes caused by insider activities or external attacks.

Cygna Auditor – Supervises The Supervisor