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The Power of Choice

Timothy Rooney

Timothy Rooney

05. Apr. 2023

The Power of Choice

Many inspirational quotes you may come across relate to using your ability to willfully choose a direction in life or a prevailing attitude such as optimism. The premise is that you have the power to choose your disposition if not actions even in the face of adverse circumstances. Choosing wisely can help you maintain your inner peace while steadily and calmly powering through daily challenges at home or at work. And if you work in the information technology (IT) field, choosing the right DHCP-DNS-IPAM (DDI) tool can help you maintain a peaceful, powerful demeanor in the face of continual network and services changes arising from dynamic business requirements.

DDI keeps business humming

Business edicts ranging from a seemingly innocuous new marketing campaign, to adding new business applications or services, to going cloud-burst, cloud-first or cloud-only all impact IT in varying degrees. And every IT impact invariably ripples into a corollary DDI impact. For example, you’ll need DNS names and IP addresses for new marketing campaigns, new applications, new compute resources, and for private and public cloud initiatives. If you have a robust and versatile DDI system, such requests could be handled in a relatively straightforward manner, which can help you maintain your inner peace. Cygna Labs offers not only one powerful and versatile DDI solution, we now offer two! With our recent acquisition of the VitalQIP business from Nokia, Cygna Labs now offers two of the most scalable, resilient, feature-packed DDI solutions on the market.

Full cycle DDI automation

While many DDI solutions enable management of DHCP, DNS and IP address space beginning at the subnet level, Diamond IP and VitalQIP DDI solutions start at the origin of the IP address lifecycle, the IP block from your ISP or private space. Our approach with both products enables you to simply allocate address blocks and subnets with the click of your mouse or API call. Our solutions also build in extensible DDI automation, multi-cloud support, and network security features.

Flexibility affords choices

Our DDI products both offer a similar DDI management approach, but there are unique attributes of each which can help you choose between them, including superior DHCP performance and a workflow graphical interface, among others, which we’d be happy to review with you. But whichever product you choose, both of our products are serviced and supported by our global team of seasoned DDI experts, many of whom have worked on both products throughout their storied careers. And both of our products are supported with our tiered DDI managed services, which can support you in keeping your DDI infrastructure running smoothly, which helps keep your network running smoothly, which helps keep your business running smoothly. When everything runs smoothly, it’s easier to keep your peace. But even when inevitable hiccups arise, you can retain your calm demeanor with the right DDI solution and services to address obstacles and help you calmly keep pace with the dynamic DDI impacts of tumultuous business directions. Whether you choose VitalQIP or Diamond IP in the form of software, appliances, or cloud platforms, supporting QIP, Sapphire, or other vendor DHCP and DNS, to operating yourself or leveraging our managed services, Cygna Labs offers you a broad spectrum of options to best suit your DDI needs. Choice is a superpower, and Cygna Labs offers the most DDI choices. While choosing your attitude and actions may require steadfast dedication and resolve, choosing your DDI solution just got a lot easier.