Coming Soon Cygna Auditor for

SQL Server

Monitor your SQL Server databases against unauthorized changes and activity.

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server provides data storage and retrieval for many organizations line of business applications. Knowing who is making what changes is critical to mitigate risk, prove compliance and ensure uptime.

Monitor Configuration Changes

Comprehensive change auditing

Audit all changes made in SQL Server in real time including who made the change, when was the change made and what changed with before and after values.

Zero-Impact Monitoring

Real-time alerts

Be notified in real-time of critical changes that may require immediate attention such as SQL server instance deletions or permissions updates.

Track Logon Activity

Track Logon Activity

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server tracks and alerts on logon activity via both SQL authentication and Windows authentication, ensuring all access is monitored.

Real Time, Customized Alerting

Auditor reporting

Generate comprehensive reports for best practices and regulatory compliance mandates for GDPR, SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA and more.

Some of your most critical data is stored in your SQL Server databases, and thus they are prime targets for both external attackers and internal unauthorized access. Cygna Auditor for SQL Server not only provides you with insight into database activity, it delivers both built-in and custom alerts for suspicious actions.

Administrative Dashboard

Quickly view file and folder activities, alerts, and reporting from the Windows File System administrative dashboard.

Take Control of Your Systems Today

Take the first step towards insight, alerts, and compliance on your audit data. Learn more by downloading a Cygna Auditor datasheet.

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