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Monitor your SQL Server databases against unauthorized changes and activity.

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Microsoft SQL Server Auditing with Cygna Auditor

You need to know what's going on in your enterprise databases – not only for security, but also for compliance. Cygna Auditor for SQL Server monitors all aspects of SQL Server database changes, from database objects to the server application itself, and provides you the critical "who/what/when/where" details of how changes were made.

Monitor Configuration Changes

Monitor Configuration Changes

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server monitors your critical database infrastructure by alerting you to any administrative changes to its configuration.

Zero-Impact Monitoring

Zero-Impact Monitoring

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server requires no agents, and thus adds no new points of failure and does not increase the attack surface.

Gain visibility into database activity

Gain visibility into database activity

Know who made a change, what changed, the before and after values, and when the changes were made.

Track Logon Activity

Track Logon Activity

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server tracks and alerts on logon activity via both SQL authentication and Windows authentication, ensuring all access is monitored.

Real Time, Customized Alerting

Real Time, Customized Alerting

In addition to standard alerts, administrators can customize Cygna Auditor for SQL Server to warn of threats - as they occur - with its flexible alerting system.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Whether you are monitoring a few servers - or a few thousand - Cygna Auditor for SQL Server is built on the highly scalable Cygna Auditor platform to be extremely responsive in your environment.

Some of your most critical corporate data is stored in your enterprise SQL Server databases, and thus they are prime targets for both external attackers and internal unauthorized access. Cygna Auditor for SQL Server not only provides you with insight into database activity, it delivers both built-in and custom alerts for suspicious actions.

Administrative Dashboard

Quickly view file and folder activities, alerts, and reporting from the Windows File System administrative dashboard.

Minimize Compliance Reporting Effort

Meeting industry compliance requirements are essential in regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare. Cygna Auditor for Azure AD helps you pass compliance audits by providing reports designed to satisfy these requirements, for example

  • GDPR: Unified data protection for European Union individuals
  • ISO 27001: International information security management standard
  • FISMA: United States federal information security legislation
  • HIPAA: United States legislation for electronic health care transactions
Keep Up With Compliance

Unified Platform

Cygna Auditor for SQL Server is part of the Cygna Auditor platform: a unified system built from the ground up with all product modules integrated into one package. Enabling additional Auditor functionality is as simple as turning on product modules – no additional installation required.

Simple Installation

Cygna Auditor installs in minutes, without professional services, and immediately starts gathering data. Most medium and large businesses can install Cygna Auditor with its included database; very large organizations can use an external SQL Server database.

Take Control of Your Systems Today

Take the first step towards insight, alerts, and compliance on your Microsoft data. Learn more by downloading a Cygna Auditor datasheet.

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Cygna Auditor Can Be Deployed Anywhere

On Premises

Cygna Auditor can easily be installed on Microsoft Windows Server in your data center.

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Cygna Auditor is also available as a Hyper-V or VMware virtual appliance for rapid deployment.

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In the Cloud

Cygna Auditor is supported on Azure and AWS cloud services.

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