N3K Acquisition of Cygna Labs

On December 17, 2018, N3K officially completed the acquisition of Cygna Labs, which was previously majority owned by Blackbird Ventures. A press release with more information is available on www.cygnalabs.com and www.n3k.de.

N3K Network Systems is a globally acting systems integrator with a large multi-national, blue chip customer base. N3K specializes on IP Address Management, Active Directory & Cloud Auditing, and Privileged Access Management. Its deep rooted technical knowledge and experience in each of these areas spans the entire project cycle including analysis, design, project planning, implementation, training, extensive ongoing maintenance and global 24/7 support services. Learn more at https://www.n3k.de/.

Cygna Labs is a leading provider of compliance solutions that grant unparalleled visibility across Microsoft-hybrid IT infrastructures. Built from the ground up to protect data regardless of its location, Cygna Auditor delivers insight into user behavior, system configuration and data sensitivity. Organizations worldwide rely on Cygna Labs to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, with less effort, and increase the productivity of their IT departments.

With the acquisition of Cygna Labs, previously majority owned by Blackbird Ventures, N3K will secure ownership of key intellectual property in a market of strategic importance to the firm. With the backing of VR Equitypartner, N3K is fully committed to increasing R&D spending in order to deliver new, innovative technology in an area that has been a key pillar of its business for years. This commitment will ensure that its customers receive the ideal solution-set for their compliance needs, today and in the future.

Financial details of the acquisition are not being disclosed.

Cygna Labs will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of the N3K group.

The Cygna Auditor suite is a comprehensive, integrated solution that monitors and protects the data in Microsoft hybrid-infrastructure, regardless of size. Key features include zero impact monitoring, a scalable architecture, real-time customized alerting and out-of-the-box installation. Designed from the ground up to help organizations pass compliance audits, Cygna Labs products provide the necessary reports to satisfy the requirements of GDPR, ISO 27001, FISMA and HIPAA and more.

Core products include:

  • Cygna Auditor for Active Directory tracks all activity across the service, detecting, alerting and rolling back unauthorized changes caused by insider activities or external attacks and is a critical piece of security infrastructure. Active Directory Recovery tracks the state of Active Directory on each domain controller and allows organizations to granularly and easily recover Active Directory environments. It features a Recycle Bin that provides administrators with an easy way to track and recover changes to an object or deleted AD objects.
  • Cygna Auditor for Windows File System provides organizations with the power to mitigate risk of abuse and prove compliance. Its dual mode monitoring supports the need for distinct levels of monitoring detail for organizations that have separate servers with low impact and high impact business data.
  • Cygna Auditor for Microsoft Office 365 provides the insight businesses need into key SaaS apps to ensure that corporate data remains secure. Its administrative dashboard helps organizations with key reporting and alerting capabilities.
  • Cygna Auditor for AzureAD monitors and protects the control layer for Office 365 and more cloud services. Like Active Directory’s role on premise, Azure AD is a critical control mechanism for the Microsoft cloud. It tracks activity in this fundamental cloud service to alert network administrators to any changes that might impact the company’s security.

There will be no immediate changes to Cygna Labs’ products in conjunction with this acquisition. The support of N3K, a portfolio company of VR Equitypartner, will provide for the expansion of the Cygna team, an even faster and more agile development cycle and will ensure you receive consistent and uninterrupted product enhancements, support, and service.

Customers will continue to receive the high-quality customer service they have always experienced. The current support team will continue to ensure consistent support and service for current Cygna Labs customers.

Cygna Labs will increase the emphasis and focus on the partner ecosystem as a key component of its go-to-market strategy and in helping its customers to succeed. For the immediate future, the transaction does not change the way partners work and interact with Cygna Labs.

Please contact your Account or Channel Manager with any questions regarding the acquisition.