Board of Directors

Rainer Maurer
Chairman & CEO
Rainer Maurer has served as Chairman and CEO of Cygna Labs since its acquisition in December 2018. Maurer has also been serving as the CEO of N3K Network Systems since he founded it in 2000. Previously, Maurer co-founded Centaur, which was acquired by Integralis in 1998 and held senior positions in both companies.
Rainer has a talent for identifying and developing the commercial opportunities created by the technical developments in IP networking. He brings a considerable depth of technical skill blended with the experience of successful start-ups, company sales, and an MBO. Rainer is also a successful author of a number of technical publications. He holds a degree in medical computer science from the University of Heidelberg.
Christian Ehrenthal
Board Member
Christian Ehrenthal currently serves as Managing Director of Blackbird Ventures, where he incubates and invests in early-stage technology companies with a particular focus on infrastructure software and SaaS.

Ehrenthal is serial entrepreneur with a strong history of software operations and strategy as well as mergers and acquisitions. Most recently co-founded and was CEO of security software vendor Cygna Labs, which he led through a successful acquisition in the end of 2018. Prior to that he was the founder and CEO of the Blackbird Group, an award-winning provider of compliance management software. Under his leadership, Blackbird Group became one of the fastest growing vendors in its category, achieving consistent high growth and profitability while amassing over 20 million seats under management before concluding its successful sale to BeyondTrust.